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Oct. 15th, 2005 | 10:50 pm
mood: grab a samplebags/ now!!! grab a samplebags/ now!!!

If you live outside of the philippines and you want to grab a SAMPLEBAGS/ item, READ ON...



  • I ship using the following couriers Fedex, Air21, 2Go, OCS and LBC

              - but if you have a prefered courier, the item you ordered may be shipped through your desired courier.

  • Shipping rates are exclusive of the price indicated on the item at the SAMPLEBAGS/ site.
  • Shipping fee is paid by the buyer.
  • Payment of shipping fee must be sent with the payment for the ordered item.


  • I do not accept PAYPAL payments.

          - paypal does not cater to buyers and sellers from the philippines therefore i could not sign up for the service. my apologies for paypal buyers and users.

  • Money Transfer through Western Union

         - for your convinence you can pay through the western union online money transfer.

         - Use your U.S. bank issued Visa® or MasterCard® credit or debit card for the western union online money tranfer transaction


                                                       visit the western union website http://westernunion.com for more information


  • Money Transfer fee is exclusive of the product price found in the SAMPLEBAGS/ site.
  • Money Transfer fee is paid by the customer.


  • MONEY TRANSFER using other money transfer companies


Order form

please fill in the following information when you want to order




COURIER: (place in your desired courier or you may leave it blank, by doing so it would be my preogative on which courier i will send the item with)

CONTACT DETAILS:( name and email address) (il email you for more of the contact details to ask your address etc. to secure your privacy)


Contact me for questions and suggestions:

ym: val_8_10

email: samplebagscebu@yahoo.com


How to order a SAMPLEBAGS/ item?

Oct. 13th, 2005 | 08:36 pm
mood: grab a samplebags/ now!!! grab a samplebags/ now!!!

Step 1: Text in or email me the code or name of the item you want to purchase with your NAME and CONTACT NUMBER.

Step 2: Wait for my reply. I will notify if your item is available.

Step 3: Pay first before you get your purchase. I do not offer C.O.D.(cash on delivery)

Step 3: When orders are ready wait for about 1-2 weeks for it to be delivered to you. For International orders you will be notified when it will arrive.

Step 4: Enjoy your purchase!!

Things to remember:

*I do not offer a return-exchange policy. So make sure that when you order an item ask me for details (sizes, colors, measurements etc.). Id be glad to answer all your questions. I only exchange products that are damaged due to shipping.

*For local buyers, I gather orders before i get them delivered to you.(to save time and money) Thats why i have a shipping schedule.
Last call for orders = every 2nd and 4th friday of the month.

*Reservations are cancelled after a WEEK of non payment.

bags accessories and clothes for sale! (cebu and visayas buyers)

Aug. 24th, 2005 | 11:23 am
mood: grab your SAMPLEBAGS/  now!!! grab your SAMPLEBAGS/ now!!!

Welcome to the SAMPLEBAGS/ livejournal online shop!!!

Interested in being a fashionFAB?! we might just have the right kind of stuff you are looking for!!!

Samplebags/ is an online shop that sells BAGS, ACCESSORIES, CLOTHES and more that would fit every style that is totally YOU!!

check out the pictures of our samples in our photobucket sample gallery:



We accept OUT-OF-THE-COUNTRY orders, local(cebu-visayas) orders, national (luzon and mindanao) orders and wholesale orders.

Prices ranges from 100-1000 php. (for international buyers please refer to a forex site for the exchange of our currency to your local currency)


Shipping is made through:
AIR21, JRS, LBC, 2GO, FedEx and more!!!
you can log on to the following sites for freight/shipping info (www.2go.com.ph or www.fedex.com or www.air21.com)

great deal for cebu buyers - FREE SHIPPING!!

International and national buyers will have to pay for the shipping!!!

Accept payments by:
local and national buyers - G.CASH or western union
OUT OF THE COUNTRY - western unino money transfer. (log on to http://westernunion.com for more details)
*buyer will have to pay the money transfer fee*

contact me for orders and further concerns:

irene francisco (SAMPLEBAGS/ owner)
ym: val_8_10
email: irenesharie@yahoo.com or samplebagscebu@yahoo.com
mobile number: +63906-2641247